Do you still believe that ...

Working alone delivers faster results? 

Working alone means constant investment and learning each skillset & technology you need. Can you really afford the time to go through each learning curve or do you choose for faster results through collaboration?

Collaboration is tedious and complicates things?

Bad preparation complicates collaboration and often results in delays or even failure. Do you want to spend effort on fixing these complexities or do you want to build your collaborations based on well prepared partnerships?  

Collaboration is compromising on results?

Compromise is the solution where no one really achieves what they aim for. Why would the only solution be to realize only part of your goals through compromise? Why not aim for true win win partnerships where all partners have skin in the game to aim for the most optimal results.

Let's fix this

Why the Collaboration Academy?

The idea for the Collaboration Academy started back in 2015, when I realized at a consortium building meeting that I could easily identify if the partnership could work or not, how to create win win collaboration, how to fix potential issues, and to make sure that the partnership delivered results in the end. In short, building smart collaboration where all partners win seemed an easy thing to do, almost a trivial way of life.

This event triggered me into researching collaboration practices and more specifically which steps and actions made the difference between a mediocre and an excellent collaboration delivering results for all partners involved. The outcome of this research is a set of insights, actionable tools and methods on building smart collaborations.
The findings are published in my first book Win-Winnovation, which was well received by its readers; it got awarded as best book in the category learn & development.

Creating the Collaboration Academy was the logical next step: to bring the theory from the book into a practical learning opportunity to enable you to learn faster, practice during the sessions and speed up your learning curve. Not just based on my experience but in collaboration with other experts to bring you the optimal mix of expertises to build your skill set for successful smart collaboration and partnership building. 


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The collaboration academy collaborates with several experts to bring you the necessary spices for successful collaborations. The current list is just the beginning, more experts are already in our pipeline.

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Learn to create successful collaboration in 4 easy steps: partners, goal setting, consortium building and creating the most effective partnerships to realise your goals.

Including a large format version of the Win-Win canvas for easy and immediate use to create 1+1>3 collaborations.


As Oregano is the key spice for Italian cuisine, collaboration is the key element to speed up your innovation ambitions. With Origanius we are the ingredient that spices up your strategy to deliver successful results in your organisation. 

Collaboration seems simple and versatile like a piece of paper, but when developed in the appropriate style it can deliver great results, similar to origami techniques that turn a simple paper square into intricate figures. The Origanius mindset and experience is your guide to increase the rate of success for your collaboration.

In our logo, we rotated the "a" of the letter word "Origanius" since we are convinced that innovation is about looking at challenges in a different way. We deploy our genius to deliver optimal results for your organisation.