Hi, I'M Piet 

As win-win innovator I help organisations to transform their innovation ambitions into concrete ideas, strong processes and engaged partnerships to maximise their chances for success & growth. 

innovation leader with proven track record & published expert

I followed my heart when I started a PhD in engineering in the nineties, driven by a passion for innovation. This journey not only yielded groundbreaking insights but also launched my career in the dynamic field of open innovation. My interdisciplinary approach and ability to foster collaborative networks have been recognized internationally, earning me the "Best Open Innovation Practice" award twice. My thought leadership is further evidenced by my scientific publications and books, disseminating advanced innovation strategies to a broader audience.


Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered impactful results in various high-level innovation projects, collaborating with renowned organizations like imec, UGent, KU Leuven, and Televic. As CTO of Televic, I cultivated an innovation culture that created significant growth and transformed the company into a multinational leader. Additionally, I have founded several successful ecosystems, including PRoF, Hangar-K, and Medvia, which unite diverse partners to achieve collective and individual objectives effectively.

Building the future together.

Throughout my teaching opportunities at institutions like UGent, KU Leuven, and imec, and during impactful moments on stages as far-reaching as Beijing, my commitment has always been to create a transformative educational experience. My vision is to do more than to simply build knowledge; it is to ignite a passion for inquiry and strategic thinking among my students.

Passionate about helping others

I thrive on interactive dialogue, where challenging questions are encouraged and explored collectively. This approach is about nurturing a critical mindset to spot opportunities where other find none. To be successful, organisations must learn to apply this innovative thinking to make strategic decisions in a continuously evolving world. My vision is to empower the next generation of leaders, innovators, and thinkers, equipping them with the skills to thrive in their respective fields.

Unique approach for success & growth

With years of experience in crafting successful consortia and groundbreaking innovation projects, I've developed a feeling to recognise which partnerships will flourish and deliver great project results. It got me thinking—was this just a gut feeling, or could I break it down into a formula that others could use too? Turns out, I could.

In my book "Win-Winnovation," I laid out the core principles of creating successful collaborations. I didn't stop there, though. I refined these ideas into a practical, repeatable formula that anyone can use to turn ambitious innovation goals into reality. Today, I’m still using this approach to build and boost ecosystems, an effort that brought me successes & awards.

I also started Origanius to take this a step further. Our goal? To train you in these tried-and-tested methods, boosting your chances of success in your own innovative ventures. Let’s make your next project a standout success together.

"Never compromise on goals, they are important to achieve your results & growth."


The perfect



  • You are an innovation enthousiast with a growth mindset
  • You are looking for effective ways to turn innovation ambitions into concrete results.
  • You want to supercharge your innovation approach for maximal growth.
  • You like to have fun while collaborating with engaged partners that deliver results.

Here's how I can help

Ready to transform your innovative ideas into action? I've got your back. Whether you need engaging group trainings, dynamic team workshops, or my undivided attention during one-on-one consults, we'll team up to boost the success of your innovation goals. Let's turn your aspirations into reality together.