About me

Smart collaboration is core to my career and my DNA. After my engineering studies at KU Leuven, I obtained a PhD at UGent. During this period I gained a lot of firsthand collaboration experience in several European projects.

As CTO of Televic, I successfully introduced a collaboration strategy that enabled Televic to create innovative products and bring them successfully to market, helping the company grow from a local SME into a world-class enterprise.

I acquired strong collaboration program experience as Director ICON at iMinds/imec; the imec.icon program focuses on combining industry and academic research. ​In 2018 I started the successful co-creation hub Hangar K in Kortrijk. Recently I created and kickstarted the flanders.healthTech ecosystem: a cluster of 80+ companies in digital technologies, biotech and medical technologies co-creating healthcare innovations.

My large experience on how to build strong & successful partnerships is published in the book Win-Winnovation (available in English & Dutch), which was praised as the best book in the category "Learn & Development".

I'm also visiting professor at UGent. In my free time, I loves to cook and bake. I'm supporting initiatives that make young people enthusiastic about technical or scientific studies and am an active coach at Coderdojo Menen and Ieper.

Download my ebook

Learn to create successful collaboration in 4 easy steps: partners, goal setting, consortium building and creating the most effective partnerships to realise your goals.

Including a large format version of the Win-Win canvas for easy and immediate use to create 1+1>3 collaborations.


As Oregano is the key spice for Italian cuisine, collaboration is the key element to speed up your innovation ambitions. With Origanius we are the ingredient that spices up your strategy to deliver successful results in your organisation. 

Collaboration seems simple and versatile like a piece of paper, but when developed in the appropriate style it can deliver great results, similar to origami techniques that turn a simple paper square into intricate figures. The Origanius mindset and experience is your guide to increase the rate of success for your collaboration.

In our logo, we rotated the "a" of the letter word "Origanius" since we are convinced that innovation is about looking at challenges in a different way. We deploy our genius to deliver optimal results for your organisation.