Claire Van de Velde

"The diversity of people is an asset for any collaboration."

Claire Van de Velde studied Biology, obtaining a PhD at Ghent University in 1989. As a science policy advisor she started working in Brussels in different organisations such as VLIR, VRWB and at the cabinet of several Flemish government ministers in charge science and innovation, in 2010 she became Deputy Chief of Staff.

Claire was head of the Research Policy Department at the University of Ghent between 1995-2004 in charge of project acquisition, project management and technology transfer. From 2004 Claire was co-responsible for the establishment of the research institute IBBT (later iMinds), the development of cooperation agreements with universities and imec, the development of different types of projects for industrial and non-profit partners.

As director she lead a team of program managers, reported to the Board of Directors and the Flemish government.
Since 2012 Claire supports the Ghent university inclusion policy and social impact connecting the vast network of social actors of the UGent. She sets up collaborations in the field of pedagogical innovation, in particular STEM teaching, social valorization through research, citizen science initiatives, etc.
As an independent certified trainer and coach Claire supports people in organizations to connect really to each other and to themselves. Thus enabling higher performance while being happier. She has trained and coached more than 1000 persons in Belgium and abroad in the Process Communication Model®. The PCM® model teaches you very effectively how to adapt your communication style to the preferences of others, in order to draw the better off every conversation, even in stressful situations and in conflicts.

Training University of Ghent : Master and PhD in Sciences 1980-89
University of California, Berkeley, Master in Venturing, 2007
Certified trainer PCM, 2014 (France)
Master training Conflict without casualties, Next-Element US