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Do you still believe that collaboration slows you down? That you need to a compromise and give up your goals to collaborate. Is building collaboration for you a tedious and error prone process that mainly generates overhead instead of results? 

I'm convinced that collaboration is THE best approach for picking up speed and delivering results in the internet age. 

But you need an intelligent and effective approach to build collaboration where 1+1>3

My win-winnovation method allows you to create successful collaboration from the start so you don't have to learn it from the time consuming trial and error approach and you can jump directly to seeing the results!

Welcome to the collaboration academy, a place where you find concrete tips and trainings to set up successful collaboration with guaranteed results.

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The Win Win

Partnership Skill Set

Free webinar

As experience partnership builders we will inspire you how to approach setting up win win partnerships and provide you with tools and tip how to guarantee results in the end. During the one hour free webinar, you'll learn more about the most important skills such as ...

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Hi! I'm Piet 

I noticed that many organisations are still building collaboration on compromise or through trial & error. This is time consuming, expensive and unnecessary!

Win-Win collaboration skills can be learned so you can skip the trial and error phase and jump directly to the success phase.

I started this collaboration academy to share my  extensive background in setting up successful collaboration based on my the easy to learn win-winnovation approach.

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Download my ebook

Learn to create successful collaboration in 4 easy steps: partners, goal setting, consortium building and creating the most effective partnerships to realise your goals.

Including my Win-Win canvas for easy and immediate use to create 1+1>3 collaborations.

Masterclass Win Win Interaction

Are you convinced that people skills are essential for anyone involved in the strategic management of your business or organization? People can make or break your business and success depends on how you motivate and lead and how you handle stress and conflict. During this two-day program in November, you’ll learn the tools you need to transform ...

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My book Win-Winnovation, awarded as best book in the category Learn & Development, describes my approach and provides you with ample tools and practical examples to inspire you to build successful partnerships, collaborations and ecosystems. 

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Masterclass Win Win Collaboration

Build successful partnerships and consortia, know which steps to take for maximum effect and how to do it in practice. During the two day masterclass, you and like-minded entrepreneurs will ... 

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