Piet Verhoeve

"Smart collaboration is in my DNA"

After his engineering studies at KU Leuven, Piet Verhoeve obtained a PhD at UGent, where he gained a lot of firsthand collaboration experience in European projects.

As CTO of Televic, he introduced a collaboration strategy that enabled Televic to create innovative products and bring them successfully to market, helping the company grow from a local SME into a world-class enterprise.
He acquired strong collaboration program experience as Director ICON at iMinds/imec; the imec.icon program focuses on combining industry and academic research. After kickstarting the successful co-creation hub Hangar K in Kortrijk, he established a new collaborative ecosystem with 80+ companies in MedTech, Biotech and Digital technology that he launched in 2021 as flanders.healthTech, now Medvia.

In 2019 Piet Verhoeve started his own company Origanius committed to help organisations building new partnerships through project coaching and provide coaching and training for individuals.

His large experience on how to build strong & successful partnerships is published in the book Win-Winnovatie (Win-Winnovation), which was praised as the best “Learn & Development” book. Recently he published the book Innovate with artists that explains how partnerships between artists and companies can lead to mutual growth and benefits for each participant.

Piet is also a visiting professor at UGent. In his free time, he loves to cook and bake. He supports initiatives that make young people enthusiastic about technical or scientific studies and is an active coach at Coderdojo Menen and Ieper.