Navigating Collaboration: Going Beyond Contracts

origanius pietverhoeve Jul 11, 2023
Signing a contract - Piet Verhoeve

The signing of a contract is often perceived as the grand commencement of a collaboration. This viewpoint implies that the pulse of a partnership truly begins after the contractual formalities are resolved. However, the guiding principle at the heart of my "Collaboration Academy" courses challenges this narrative.

While it's a fact that contracts are agreements between entities, the crux of collaboration extends far beyond these formalities. It lies in the people who bring these entities to life. Often, in the race to kickstart a project, the essential process of team members getting to know one another is glossed over.

Interestingly, those who initiate the partnership or negotiate the terms aren't usually the ones implementing the project once the contract is signed. The baton is passed to a new operational team, who may not have full insights into the prior proceedings.

This new group hasn't yet had a chance to understand their counterparts' roles or expertise, or partake in the vital trust-building that typically precedes a collaborative agreement. Therefore, it becomes crucial to allocate time for these individuals to not just comprehend the project's objectives, but to establish strong connections with their team members.

Going a step further, it's important for team members to know each other beyond their professional roles. This deeper level of understanding fosters trust, allowing team members to rely on each other more effectively.

"Organisations sign contracts, people collaborate"

The Collaboration Academy courses are designed with these principles in mind. They aim to teach the intricate art of mastering collaboration. We strongly believe in the mantra, "organisations sign contracts, people collaborate." Our courses go far beyond the technical content of the project and the mere signing of contracts, we also include how to establish and nurture strong interpersonal relationships, which are the real drivers of fruitful collaboration.

Therefore, remember, a true journey of collaboration commences much before the ink dries and continues long after, aided by a deeper understanding of the collaborative process. Our courses can guide you through this journey, equipping you with the skills to turn collaborations into resounding successes.

Join our community and go beyond contracts. Contact us today to connect with us and to learn more.

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