Enhance your brainstorming approach

brainstorming ideas Dec 13, 2023
Post-its on a window for brainstorming

Being ready in advance is crucial for fostering creativity. Therefore, ensure you're always prepared for a brainstorm without the need to gather materials beforehand. In my case I created a dedicated brainstorm box so I have all materials at hand.

My brainstorm box to be always ready for a dynamic and productive brainstorming session contains:


  • Colorful Post-its
    Use post-its in various colors, opting for 76x76 or 152x76 for ample space.

  • Writing Tools
    Sharpie-type pens and markers are your go-tos. In a whiteboard room, stick to whiteboard markers so you don't create any unintentional permanent impressions...

  • Fluo Makers
    Add vibrancy to your ideas. Fluorescent markers are perfect for highlighting key concepts.

  • Sticky Dots
    Conduct a vote for the best ideas with sticky dots. It's an ideal way to gauge team preferences.

  • Cut & Paste Essentials
    Keep scissors and a glue stick handy for fast prototyping or enlarging concepts.

  • 3M Style Flip Chart
    Transform your space with a 3M style flip chart. Check it out here.

  • Pro Tip
    Use different approaches for brainstorming: the Innowz kit template cards developed by Howest (available here) is a great inspiration source for a variety in structured brainstorming sessions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, a qualitative brainstorming session is the cornerstone of success. Elevate your creative endeavors by bringing my tips into practice and watch your ideas come to life.

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