Ballroom lessons for collaboration

origanius pietverhoeve Mar 14, 2023
Ballroom shoes Piet Verhoeve

As a ballroom dancer (it started as a mandatory course ages ago but got me hooked), I know that control in a dance can shift back and forth between partners as the music and rhythm change. The same goes for win-win partnerships - the leading partner can shift based on the changing needs and circumstances of the collaboration.


In a balanced control dynamic, partners trust each other's expertise and are able to take the lead, when necessary, but also know when to follow and support each other. This creates a flexible and adaptive partnership that can pivot and adjust as needed to achieve its goals.


Just like in a dance, partners in a balanced control dynamic have complementary interests, not competing ones. They understand that their success is interdependent, and that by working together and leveraging each other's strengths, they can achieve much more than they ever could on their own.


On the dance floor, the key to a successful dance is the ability to adapt and adjust as the music changes - the same goes for partnerships. By building a balanced control dynamic based on respect and trust, you and your partners become comfortable with shifting the leading role as needed by the circumstances of your project. 


You're setting the foundation for a strong, flexible, and successful partnership that gets results.
So, let's dance!


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