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origanius pietverhoeve Jul 04, 2023
Approved Project Documents

When a substantial subsidy program was announced, the leading figures within a large partnership saw their chance to present a project proposal. The project call was right in line with the partnership's goals. Given the wide variety of parties involved and their shared interests, ticking off the requirements was a piece of cake.

As the project plan, which married the partnership's aims with the financial needs of the grant program, took shape, the excitement began to ripple through the group. The team drafting the plan grew increasingly confident that their project would greatly enrich the initiative. But just when the plan was approved, a sense of foreboding started to creep in. Was this unanimous joy an announcement of an unforeseen storm that was about to descend?


The jubilation turned out to be short-lived. Many partners did not share the same experience with successful collaboration as the leaders who had written the project proposal. Some found the proposed strategy hard to comprehend, stirring up disagreements and threatening to pull apart the partnership.

The leaders and the drafting team had assumed that their expertise in teamwork was shared by everyone in the partnership. The looming project deadline left no time to walk through all details with every partner. This lack of detail was interpreted as a hidden agenda, leading to considerable worry.

In an attempt to preserve the partnership, they made a tough choice: they decided to put the approved project on hold and not to utilize the subsidy funding.

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