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How to use the Win Win Canvas to create successful collaboration in 4 easy steps.

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4 steps to create successful collaborations

Have you ever been confronted with setting up collaborations and writing proposals for innovation projects at your company or research institute ?

I’m sure you have.

You know how important it is to bring the best partners together and define common goals. But that can be pretty hard, right? It’s not an easy task and it takes time. Am I correct?

And writing proposals… how has that turned out for you? You win some, you lose some, right? And nobody likes to lose. When a collaboration falls apart or a proposal gets rejected upon review, it probably is an interesting learning opportunity. But it can be very demotivating for you and your partners, isn’t it? It’s no fun wasting precious time. Moreover it is expensive and it delays your innovation schedule.

Well, I’ve got good news for you: there is a faster way to set up successful partnerships. Interested? Good, you’ve come to the right place.

So welcome to my place dedicated to inspire and help you to set up collaborations and partnerships for better and faster innovations.

The days of the lone innovator, working without partners, are gone. In today’s fast changing world collaboration is key to advance and create results at the required speed.

I’m Piet Verhoeve, expert in partnerships and author of the book Win-winovation that bundles my several decades of experience in setting up collaborations, building innovation projects and delivering excellent results for both industry and research organisations.

So how can I help you?

Well, I’ve created the WinWinCanvas as an easy tool to easily define the collaborative goals of the strong partnerships you are building. Using this approach you’ll get easy insights on how to align the partners, how to eliminate collaboration risks and even a view on a preferred project structure. This method not only makes it easier, it also allows you to seriously shorten the time needed for successful partnership building.

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Free download

How to use the Win Win Canvas to create successful collaboration in 4 easy steps

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