the Win Win Interaction masterclass

November 14 & 16 | Menen

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Two day masterclass

Unlike many courses on communication, our training does not result in the so called "communication training effect". By this we mean the euphoria after a training to put what has been learned into practice immediately. However, it quickly wears off until the effects of the training disappear.

Win Win Interaction is based on the specific tools of the Process Communication Model®. In the many years of teaching, we have repeatedly received feedback from clients that they still use our approach on daily basis to shape their interactions with people.


Having developed strong interpersonal skills enables you to adapt your communication & interaction to what will be most effective in any given situation. You will be able to:

  • Develop awareness of self & others
  • Assess the people component in each situation
  • Adapt your interaction and build connection
  • Manage potential conflicts before they escalate
  • Grow influence and operational effectiveness
  • Unlock full capabilities of yourself and others

Win Win Interaction masterclass
Expert teaching based on theory and large practical experience

What you will learn & receive 

Personality types

Discover your six personality types, how they shape your perception, their interaction and talents


Learn how to use the tools for self assessment and assessment of others in different situations to adapt the most effective interaction style.

Interaction preferences

Understand interaction preferences and improve them, help others to adopt more positive interaction and behaviour patterns

Increased effectivity

Assess personality types, psychological needs and motivations of others to adapt for effective interaction

Personal action plan

Create a personalised action plan and implement it based on your motivations and psychological needs

Peer Learning

Discuss real world cases with other participants to reflect and learn from the hands on  examples

Your interaction profile

Each participant receives their own personality & communication profile based on the certified PCM® assesment.

Avoid common mistakes

Identify and handle distress sequences of others, identify when miscommunications are occurring and prevent problems 

Extended course material

The course material & syllabus + access to the eLearning environment with additional supporting video material 


We open the doors at 8:30 and start at 9:00 sharp and continue until 17:00. Coffee breaks and lunch are foreseen. Both training days foresee time to work on real use cases and interact with participants based on your experiences.

the Win Win Interaction masterclass

Leap forward on the learning curve & learn from the best 
based on theory and vast practical experience

Claire Van de Velde

Certified trainer PCM

Claire Van de Velde obtained a PhD in Biology at Ghent University in 1989. She has gained experiences as science policy advisor in different organisations (e.g. VLIR, VRWB) and the cabinet of several Flemish government ministers of science and innovation. In 1995 Claire became head of the Research Policy Department at Ghent University, in charge of project acquisition, management and tech transfer. In 2004 Claire was co-responsible for the establishment of the research institute IBBT (later iMinds), the cooperation agreements with universities and imec, and the development of new project types for industry and non-profit partners.

Next to her current position as senior policy advisor to the vicerector of Ghent University, Claire is active as an independent certified trainer and coach to support people in organizations to connect to each other and to themselves. Thus, enabling higher performance while being happier. She has trained and coached more than 1000 persons in Belgium and abroad on the Process Communication Model®. It teaches you very effectively how to adapt your communication style to the preferences of others, in order to draw the better off every conversation, even in stressful situations and in conflicts.

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Win Win interaction masterclass - November 14-16

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Practical information

Dates & Time

14 & 16 November 2022
9:00 - 17:00


Ter Beke 12
8903 Menen

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