An Cosaert

“Wonder is the beginning of all wisdom”

Inquirendi or ‘a voyage of discovery’, requires an open mind and a large dose of eagerness to learn. Two characteristics that An Cosaert happens to have plenty of.

She graduated as an industrial engineer in electromechanics. Although ‘graduate’ is not exactly right, since she is still constantly in search of new knowledge and, above all, sharing that knowledge.

She worked as an R&D engineer for 15 years at companies and organizations such as KUL Composites Group, Recticel IDC and Rogers Corporation. In this way, she built experience in materials research, electrical engineering, intellectual property, and innovation management. Her research projects always started from customer needs.

As of 2007, An Cosaert became innovation advisor at the Flemish network of Innovation Centers (now called VLAIO Team Bedrijfstrajecten). She mainly focused on innovation and IP strategy coaching. Since then, she has become a member of the Belgian Patent User Group (BEPIUG) and is an expert in the use of IP as a management tool for companies.

After a stopover at Antwerp Management School, where she focused on research into entrepreneurship in exponential times, she started her own business, Inquirendi. At Inquirendi she gets to combine her years of experience, her eagerness to learn and especially her passion to help companies move forward. With Inquirendi she focusses on Intellectual Property and Innovation Strategy, coaching companies to make the best scalable choices given a limited innovation or IP budget.