Thanks for helping me out to tune the content of my new program.

During the past months I’ve been working hard on the content and experimenting with different formats. I’m now in the last straight line, getting ready to launch a new program win win partnerships in a few weeks.

The masterclass win-win partnerships will focus on practicing the partnership skill set. I’ll kickstart the masterclass in an online session with some challenges to ensure that the participants are fully prepared for exercises during the three full day live sessions, 2nd half of April.

To provide maximal expertise for the participants, I’ve added a second trainer to the program. She’s certified in win-win interaction and complements my own expertise in win win collaboration. We already worked together, I'm certain this will bring additional value to the participants.

Based on feedback from other workshops we did, I’ve adapted the format for this masterclass and created additional room so the participants can work on their own case. During these exercises we will provide expert and personalised feedback on their own case. All this to increase the value of the program for the partcipants.

However, to be sure that I don’t miss anything I would like to ask for your input: