the Win Win Collaboration deep dive

February - March 2023 | Tournai

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the Win Win Collaboration deep dive

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6 day deep dive

During the deep dive sessions, you and like-minded participants will learn the step-by-step approach to get into the right mind set and to use tools for creating smart collaboration. Contrary to common belief in business, successful collaboration does not start with the signing of the contract; it starts during the first contact and continues during the building of the consortium, the partnerships, and the collaboration proposal. Our Win-Win-Collaboration approach is a specific method to build partnerships and collaboration, it maximises your chances for successful collaboration with results.

Win Win Collaboration deep dive
Expert teaching and hands on practicing
based on theory and large practical experience

What you will learn & practice 

Proven Strategies

To find collaboration opportunities using information already available in your organisation

Finding Partners

Make the difference between stakeholders, subcontractors and partners. How to approach missing or surplus partners.

Use diversity as a strength

You will learn to identify and utilize the differences in people’s strengths to build a strong partnership team that delivers great results

Detect & avoid pitfalls

Use our vast experience to your advantage and discover common pitfalls an d how to avoid them for your partnerships 

Win Win Goals

Don't settle for compromises, define win win goals; create space for all partner goals a while meeting your own goals 

Interaction styles

to adapt your communication approach using the PCM framework for more effective interaction with your partners and team. 


Deploy the proven win win methodology and tools to set up your partnerships, consortium goals and see the project structure.

Real situations

Practice to turn around potentially negative conversations and situations into positive actions. Know how to connect to and motivate everyone in his or her individual way

IPR models

Different partnership models to protect your intellectual property and approaches for negotiating.


We open the doors at 8:30, start at 9:30 and continue until 17:00. Coffee breaks and lunch are foreseen. All training days foresee time to work on real use cases and interact with participants based on your experiences.

the Win Win Collaboration deep dive

Leap forward on the learning curve & learn from the best 
based on theory and vast practical experience

Piet Verhoeve

Expert in Smart Collaboration

He gained experience from both the corporate side as CTO of Televic and from the academic side as director ICON at iMinds/imec. That experience was bundled in the book Win-Winnovation, which was awarded the best book in the “Learn & Development” category. He launched the successful co-creation hub Hangar K in Kortrijk and founded his own company Origanius that helps organizations to innovate and grow faster through smart collaboration. Last year he kickstarted the new crossover ecosystem Medvia that brings together 100+ companies to innovate in biotech, digital & medical technologies. 

After his engineering studies at the KU Leuven, Piet obtained a PhD at Ghent University, a period during which he gained a lot of experience in European projects. Piet  is a guest professor at Ghent University. In his scarce spare time, he supports all kinds of initiatives that make young people enthusiastic about technical or scientific studies (STEM, Coderdojo).

Claire Van de Velde

Certified trainer PCM

Claire Van de Velde obtained a PhD in Biology at Ghent University in 1989. She has gained experiences as science policy advisor in different organisations (e.g. VLIR, VRWB) and the cabinet of several Flemish government ministers of science and innovation. In 1995 Claire became head of the Research Policy Department at Ghent University, in charge of project acquisition, management and tech transfer. In 2004 Claire was co-responsible for the establishment of the research institute IBBT (later iMinds), the cooperation agreements with universities and imec, and the development of new project types for industry and non-profit partners.

Next to her current position as senior policy advisor to the vicerector of Ghent University, Claire is active as an independent certified trainer and coach to support people in organizations to connect to each other and to themselves. Thus, enabling higher performance while being happier. She has trained and coached more than 1000 persons in Belgium and abroad on the Process Communication Model®. It teaches you very effectively how to adapt your communication style to the preferences of others, in order to draw the better off every conversation, even in stressful situations and in conflicts.

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Win Win Collaboration deep dive - Feb-Mar 2023

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Practical info

We selected "La Petite Fabriek" as location for the deep dive training sessions. It is an out of the ordinary venue in the vicinity of Tournai that matches the creativity and courage to look at things differently that is needed to create effective win-win collaboration. 

La Petite Fabriek encompasses our values to transcend mediocrity, to nourish curiosity, push your boundaries and stimulate your passion to create smart collaborations. 


The deep dive is organised as a set of 3 x 2 diving days, we start at 9:30 and end at 17:00

  • February 6-7, 2023

  • February 27-28, 2023

  • March 20-21, 2022

Address - La petite fabriek

 Rue du Moulin 16, 7503 Froyennes (Tournai)

Hotel arrangements are possible
price per person including breakfast: single room €95 / double room 65€ (*) 
Contact: [email protected] 

(*) room rates are indicative